Electric power is a fundamental ingredient in the quest for economic stability and quality of life. For the developed world, the shift to clean energy is an imperative. For developing countries where the need for energy is increasing with daunting speed, the installation of renewable power-generating systems is essential to sustainable development.

Synergics has planned, engineered, financed, and constructed renewable power projects for over 25 years. Our expertise spans the spectrum of complex issues that are critical to developing, owning, and operating a clean power project. Today, we are putting this experience to work around the world.

Our energy specialists are working closely with local firms, government and utility representatives, international lenders, investors, and local private-power interests as they face the challenge of establishing a framework for successful renewable energy projects. Simply put: we make energy projects happen.

With our new Green the Grid program, individual home energy users can support the development of reliable, economical, and environmentally sound power projects. Contact us today and tap into our power.

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